Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Special Applications – Tecsis P1181


  • Highly shock-resistant window
  • Compact design
  • With drag pointer
  • For a submerged depth of 60 m and / or 70 m applicable

As a manufacturer of pressure measuring equipment tecsis is also active in the field of scuba diving. There are designs available for breathing gas cylinder pressure and diving depth measurement. The gauges indicate the breathing gas cylinder pressure measuring equipment on the one hand and on the other hand the diving depth.

For the serie P1181 pressure measuring equipment is offered in two different measuring ranges. Two display ranges are possible: 60 m and / or 70 m. For the englisch area the scale is additional specified in feet. Depending on construction pressure measuring equipments of the serie P1181 fulfil requirements according to DIN EN 13319. By the 70 m – version, the first half of the scale was spread, so that thereby a better readability is ensured. The gauges will be always provided with a drag pointer equipment. In the pressure measuring equipment, faces are used which have a long phosphorescent effect for a better reading under water.

Nominal Size

  • ND 50


  • For scuba diving


Tecsis P1181 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges – Special Applications-DpstarGroup