Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Special Applications – Tecsis P1539 / P1545 / P1546 / P1123


  • Measurement system of high quality copper alloy
  • 1.3 x overload range
  • For use up to full scale value
  • Accuracy class 1.0 and 1.6 (EN 837-1)
  • Protection class IP 43
  • Stainless steel case
  • Connection position back

The dual pressure gauges built with combined unit system (consisting of measurement system, movement and dial) are especially designed for applications with highest demands on pressure measurement like vehicles with pneumatic brakes. They have been developed especially for railway vehicles; but they are also suitable for buses or trucks. Using stainless steel for the housing leads to a good resistance against environmental influences. The measurement system made of a special copper alloy ensures a very good long term stability even at high load cicle conditions.

In all versions the dials are illuminated glare-free by a special light conductor. The illumination of the dial is made either indirectly via slots in the housing or directly via bulb or LED in socket BA9s. For special applications illuminating foils, stimulated by a converter, are used. The special design of measuring system, dial and movement as a combined unit system ensures ease of installation in any application.


  • Railway vehicles with air pressure brakes
  • Trucks and buses with air pressure brakes


Nominal Size ND 60, ND 80, ND 100 and ND 130
Measuring ranges 0 … 6 bar
0 … 10 bar
0 … 12 bar
0 … 16 bar


Tecsis P1539/P1545/P1546/P1123 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Special Applications-DpstarGroup