Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Standard – Tecsis P1156 / P1157


  • Display over 270-degree angle
  • Different output signals
  • Manufactured to EN 837-1
  • Non contact-sensor (wear-free)
  • Connection position bottom back, eccentric

These gauges can be used in all applications where particular importance is attached to measuring accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability. They can be used with liquid or gaseous media which are not highly viscous and which do not attack copper alloys or crystallize.

They are a logically consistent development of the proven contact pressure gauges. In addition to the visual display, they provide an output signal for processing in programmable controllers or intelligent measuring systems. By virtue of their compact design, they can replace suitable applications in which simple pressure sensors are used. A wide variety of threaded as well as capillary-type connections guarantee flexible mounting.


  • Plastic case, black with snap cams for panel mounting

P1156 / P1157

  • Plastic case, black as well as stainless steel possible


  • For monitoring water pressure changes in heating (wall baths, floor furnaces)
  • In building services, apparatus, air conditioning
  • General industrial applications


Nominal size ND 40 and ND 50
Measuring ranges 0 … 1.6 bar to 0 … 400 bar


Tecsis P1156-P1157 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges – Standard-DpstarGroup