Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Standard – Tecsis P1171 / P1172


  • Unlimited mounting options
  • Non-contact sensor (non-wearing)
  • Display over 270-degree angle
  • Manufactured to EN 837-1
  • Local display without auxiliary power
  • Connection position bottom radial or back central

Our proven contact pressure gauges are the base of these mechatronic pressure gauges. They provide not only the visual display, but also an output signal for processing in programmable controllers or intelligent measuring systems. Their compact design makes them suitable for applications in which simple pressure sensors are used. Flexible mounting is guaranteed due to a wide variety of threaded as well as capillary-type connections.


  • Display and monitoring of vessel pressure
  • Signalling content of container loss in gas extinguishing systems
  • General industrial applications


Nominal size ND 50
Measuring ranges 0 … 1.6 bar to 0 … 400 bar


Tecsis P1171-P1172 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges – Standard-DpstarGroup