Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Standard – Tecsis P1496 / P1497


  • Connection position back, central
  • Pressure and temperature display
  • With automatic valve
  • Measuring system using copper alloy
  • Reduction of the fitting costs

The temperature – pressure measuring instruments of the standard programs can be used anywhere where liquid or gaseous materials to be measured do not attack copper alloys, do not crystallise and are not highly viscous. The temperatures – pressure measuring instruments meet the general technical recommendations and observe both application requirements and those based standards. In one instrument there is a measuring system for both temperature and pressure which makes for a low cost installation.


  • Building-technology
  • Heating systems
  • Solar technology
  • District heating systems


Nominal size ND 63 and ND 80
Measuring ranges
Pressure 0 … 4 bar to 0 … 10 bar
Temperature 20°C to 120°C


Tecsis P1496/P1497 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Standard-DpstarGroup


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