Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Ultra High Pressure – Tecsis P1711 / P1713


  • Dampening by liquid filling of case
  • Up to four alarm contacts possible
  • Solid-front between measuring system and dial
  • Fulfils highest safety requirements
  • Rugged construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Measuring system of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Connection position bottom radial

The ultra high pressure gauge program covers ranges of 0 … 2,500 bar to 0 … 10,000 bar. The construction principle has shown up well for years. The gauges are produced with alarm contacts in the accuracy class 1.0. Due to this alarm contact it is not only possible to achieve an extremely reliable control of pressures in various production equipments or in the energy production, but also these indexing mechanisms directly integrated in the high pressure gauges make the controlling of pressures in almost all conceivable technical facilities possible.

Which kind of contact is to be taken depends on the conditions of application and requirements on the indexing precision as well as specific plants. The magnetic snap action contact is suitable for industrial conditions requiring a higher indexing tolerance and is a cost-effective solution due to its relatively high rupturing capacity. The contactless working inductive contact is used in conjunction with a transistor relay. It has a high indexing precision and is also suitable for use in potentially explosive rooms with consideration of relevant guidelines.


  • Processing technology
  • Research and development
  • Machine building
  • High pressure test benches
  • Burst test benches liquid jet cutting equipment
  • Ballistics


Nominal Size ND 160
Measuring ranges 0 … 2500 bar to 0 … 10.000 bar


Tecsis P1711-P1713 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges – Ultra High Pressure-DpstarGroup