Huba 605 Series – Mechanical Pressure Switch


  • Fitting of the switch; Fast mounting with snap bracket system
  • Adjusting security
  • High contact strength (typically 10 cN); Essentially less susceptibility to polution of contact
  • Diaphragm design / material; Better long term stability achieved though the use of a 2 component silicon diaphragm; Unique trapezoid diaphragm design provides for a better contact release and therefore a more accurate switching point
  • Roll operation of contact surface; Less sensitive to contact polution through self cleaning effect

OEM Relative and differential pressure switch

Huba 605 pressure switches are purposefully crafted for integration into gas-fired heating systems. With over 40 million switches deployed globally, they stand as a testament to their widespread adoption. Manufactured using a fully automated production line, these switches boast exceptional setting accuracy and reproducibility, coupled with outstanding reliability that sets them apart from industry standards.


Medium Air and neutral gases
Pressure range 20 … 400 Pa
Electrical connection Flat connector 6.3 or 4.8 mm
Pressure connection Hose connector Ø 6.2 mm
Mounting bracket or fastening clip


Huba Control 605 Mechanical Pressure Switch 20 … 400 Pa-DpstarGroup