Mechanical Pressure Switch – Huba 630 Series


  • High overpressure safety margin at both connections (P1 + P2) up to 10/20 bar
  • Functionally simple, rugged mechanics with high operating reliability
  • Also for slightly aggressive liquids and gases
  • Repeatability up to < ±0.4 mbar

Differential pressure, vacuum and overpressure switches of type 630 are suitable for monitoring neutral and slightly aggressive liquids and gases. Switching element isolated from medium. Ideal for use as flow monitor in sanitary piping/ heating installations or for level monitoring in  general in process technology applications. Extremely rugged construction with high functionality due to 10/20 bar safety margin in both pressure chambres.


Medium Liquids and neutral gases
Druckbereich 6 … 5500 mbar
Pressure range Screw terminals, Tab connectors 6.3 mm
Pressure connection Inside thread
Mounting bracket


Huba Control 630 Mechanical Pressure Switch 6 … 5500 mbar-DpstarGroup