Mechanical Return Diaphragm Dosing Pump – Seko Kosmo MM2 Series


  • High-grade components for chemical compatibility, durability and extended service life
  • IP55 protection against water jets and dust
Representing one of our most flexible chemical dosing solutions, the Kosmo range of motor-driven diaphragm pumps offers consistently accurate and reliable performance in applications as diverse as reverse osmosis, cooling water and potable water treatment. Superior operation across a range of flow rates up to 2,300 l/h means the fully-reciprocating Kosmo is particularly suited to water-treatment applications requiring a low flow rate. Meanwhile, high-grade 316L stainless steel, PVC and PVDF components provide outstanding chemical compatibility and an optional cast aluminium housing offers a lightweight yet strong, durable alternative. Kosmo’s permanently-lubricated mechanism includes ball bearings for the principal moving parts, helping to prevent overheating and delivering quiet running even during continuous operation.
Featuring the same distinctive specs of MM1 series, the MM2 range provides higher dosing performance for the most demanding application.Constructed in hard wearing metal with a cast aluminium housing, Kosmo MM2 can handle the largest output with flow rates of up to 2,300 l/h, at pressures up to 10 bar and at a maximum working temperature of 40 °C
Accessories to enhance your Kosmo pump
  • Flow-rate calibration pots
  • Pulsation dampers
  • Safety valves
  • Back pressure valves


Flow rate 80 – 2300 l/h
Max. pressure 10 bar
Stroke rate 43/ 131/ 175 stroke/minute
Stroke length 7/ 8/ 9/15 mm
Diaphragm diameter 124/ 140/ 157/ 179 mm
Motor 0.55/ 0.75/ 1.1 kW
Material of pump head SS 316L and PVDF
Protection degree IP55


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