Lae Electronic MS-27 Series – Multi Compressor Or Multi Fan Controller


  • Four ON/OFF outputs for the control of single or multi-stage compressors or fans.
  • Proportional output for speed control (inverters).
  • Output with change-over contacts for alarm control.
  • Input for pressure transmitter (0/4…20mA) or for a temperature probe (NTC10K).
  • Two digital inputs on voltage free contact for programmable function, up to three digital optocoupled voltage inputs for a complete system diagnostics.
  • Selection of the control algorithm: rotation of outputs, sequential activation, optimisation of the available power.
  • Pressure – Temperature conversion according to gas used.
  • Storage of the latest nine alarms.
  • Automatic maintenance management.
  • Connectivity to


Cryogenerators are well-suited for applications in supermarkets, cold storage facilities, and any cryogenic systems with fluctuating demands.

Technical Data
The device is equipped with front protection rated at IP55 and functions within an ambient temperature range of -10 to 50°C.


Functions -1SE-A -1SU-B
Connections Screw terminals
Power supply 230Vac
Serial port TTL


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