Offshore Power 0.6/ 1kV – RFOU P1 P8


– Maximum service temperature: 90°C
– Fire non-propagation
– Mud resistance NEK TS 606
– Chemical oil resistance excellent
– Low smoke emission: Light transmittance >60%
– Low corrosive gases emission
– Outdoor installation permanent
– Mechanical stress impact: AG3, High severity
– Water resistance AD4 splashes
– UV-resistant
– Electromagnetically protection



Offshore power 0,6/1kV cable. These cables have been specially designed to operate reliably in the harshest oil rig conditions. Heavy duty, mud resistant, power and control cables for Offshore applications. Halogen free, flame and fire non propagator. Excellent resistance to oils, abrasion, petrochemical fluids, moisture and salt water. Based on IEC 60092-353 and NEK TS 606. Xtrem RFOU cables are suitable for power distribution in fixed installations in vessels and oil rigs.


Conductor Class 5 tinned copper, based on IEC 60228.
Insulation Halogen Free Ethylene propylene, type EPR according to IEC 60092-351.
standard identification 1 conductor natural
2 conductors Blue + Brown
3 conductors Brown + Black + Grey
4 conductors Brown + Black + Grey + Blue
5 or more conductors White Numbered
Bedding Halogen Free compound
Braid / Armour Tinned copper wire braid
Outer sheath Mud resistant thermosetting compound, black colour, low smoke and halogen free, type SHF MUD


RFOU P1 P8 – Offshore Power 0.6-1kv-DpstarGroup