Offshore Power VDF EMC – RFOU VFD EMC


– Maximum service temperature: 90ºC
– Fire non-propagation
– Mud resistance NEK TS 606
– Chemical & oil resistance: excellent
– Low smoke emission: Light transmittance > 60%
– Low corrosive gases emission
– Outdoor installation: permanent
– Mechanical stress impact: AG3. High severity
– Water resistance: AD4 splashes
– UV-resistant
– Electromagnetically protection
– Operation secured according to IEC 60331



Our offshore power Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) cables have been designed for use in drive system where variable ferquency drives are used to protect equipment against the effects of electro-magnetic interference (EMI). As well as the appropriate screening the outer-sheath is based on IEC 60092-353 and NEK TS 606. suitable for fixed installation.


Conductor Class 5 tinned copper, based on IEC 60228
Grounding conductor The grounding conductor is divided into three conductors; the equivalent section of the three protective conductors together is approximately 50% of the section of the phase conductor.
Insulation Halogen Free Ethylene propylene, type EPR according to IEC 60092-351
Standard identification 3x + 3G Brown + Black + Grey + Green/Yellow (3x) (from 6mm2 conductors)
Bedding Halogen Free compound.


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