Onsite 10 A Micro-ohmmeter For Inductive And Non-Inductive Resistance – AOIP OM16


  • Test current: 1 mA to 10 A
  •  4-wire measurement
  •  Auto power-off of current
  • Continuous measurement current for inductive loads: Coils, transformers, motor windings, twisted cables
  •  Pulse measurement current for non-selfic resistances: Earth bonding, ground continuity, contact resistances, non-twisted cable
  •  Automatic compensation of thermal E.M.F.
  • Temperature compensation
  •  Metal temperature compensation

Designed for field use as well indoor as outdoor, OM 16 onsite micro-ohmmeter performs 4-wire measurements of inductive and non-inductive resistances with continuous, pulse or AC measuring current up to 10 A. Offering a high accuracy of 0.05 % and resolution of 0.1 µΩ, it works over a large selectable range of resistances from 5 mΩ up to 2.5 KΩ.

All parameters are user-programmable, either directly through the instrument interface or via Log OM software delivered in option: measuring current, range, unit, alarmes, automatic average function, absolute autozero. Before every measurement, EMFs are measured and automatically removed for a greater accuracy of measurements. For non-inductive resistances, a single operator is enough to perform the measurement since it will be automatically triggered once continuity is established between the two points.

The user can also set the metal nature or its temperature coefficient, the reference temperature and the ambient temperature. The ambient temperature might be also measured by an external temperature probe. 2 alarm thresholds are programmable and either notified by a signal displayed on the screen, a light or a loud beeper.

The large interactive display of OM 16 informs in real time the operator about the type of measurement, range, calculation conditions and threshold values. Battery-powered, OM16 has a high storage capacity of 1,000 measurements to be read directly on the display or via Log OM software or printer available in option. Protection up to 250 V is ensured at every measurement terminal, while any overrange, open circuit or empty battery signal detected is notified by LEDs and messages displayed.

Easy-to-use, rugged and protected agains rough environment (IP 53 when opened, IP 64 when closed), OM 16 is widely used indoors and outdoors in many industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy field
  • Domestic electrical appliances
  • Cable manufacturing
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics
  • Automotive industry
  • Railway


Size L x W x H 270 x 250 x 180 mm
Weight 4 kg
Supply 100 to 240 V (50 / 60 Hz)
Batteries (option) Type: Ni/Mh 8.5 Ah
Charging time: 5 h
Battery life: 5,000 measurements at 10 A
Communication ports RS 232
Storage capacity 1,000 measurements identified by numbers
Memory reading directly on the display, via software or printer
Reference range 23°C ± 5°C (RH: 45 to 75 % w/o condensing)
Operating reference range 0 to 50°C (RH: 20 to 75 % w/o condensing)
Limit operating range -10°C to +55°C (RH: 10 to 80 % w/o condensing)
Storage temperature limits -40°C to +60°C
IP protection IP53 according to EN60529
Protections • Electronic protection up to 250 V for ‘voltage’ wires
• Fuse protection for ‘current’ wires
• Protection against ‘current’ circuit breaking during inductive resistance measurements
Class In accordance with EN 61010-1
Category II, pollution 2
Rated voltage 60 V
Chocks and vibrations EN61010-1
EMC conformity Immunity
• EN 61000-4-2
• EN 61000-4-3
• EN 61000-4-5
• EN 61000-4-6
• EN 61000-4-11EN 61000-4-4
Conducted and radiated emissions:
• EN 55022, class B
• EN 61000-3-2
• EN 61000-3-3


AOIP OM 16 Onsite 10 A micro-ohmmeter for inductive and non-inductive resistance-DpstarGroup