Paperless Recorder – Ohkura VM6800


  • Large capacity storage by Compact-Flash
  • Quick search and display of past data
  • Various display capability
  • LCD extinguishing function
  • Ethernet function (Option)
  • PC support software supplied as standard Loader software that enables easy display and change of set data and data viewer software that regenerates the data stored in Compact-Flash are supplied as standard.
  • 36-point recording 12 types of thermocouples, 2 types of resistance bulbs and DC voltage/current input can be recorded up to 36 points.

VM6800 is a paperless recorder that displays measured data on the LCD in real time and stores data in CompactFlash. The type of input such as thermocouple, resistance bulb, D.C. voltage (current), etc. can be arbitrarily set to 36 channels at the maximum. The data stored in CompactFlash can be regenerated on the screen, and the use of supplied support software allows the data to be regenerated on a PC screen. The data recorded in ASCII format can be directly read in a spreadsheet such as Excel, which facilitates the processing on a PC. (The data recorded in binary format cannot be read in.)


Input system
        Number of input points 9, 18, 27 or 36 points (Can be selected at the time of purchase)
        Input circuit Input mutual isolation (See ”Others” on page 4 for the withstand voltage) Resistance bulb measured current: about. 1 mA
        Measuring cycles 9 or 18 points….100ms cycles
27 or 36 points….200ms cycles
        Recording cycle 1 second to 12 hours
        Input types Thermocouple, resistance bulb, DC voltage, and DC current (Shunt resistors are fitted in input terminals). Note) Provide a shunt resistor (type: WPSR222B000001A) separately.
Indication system
        Indicator 12” TFT color LCD (800 x 600 dots) with backlight, no contrast adjustment. On the LCD, certain picture elements remain lit or extinguished. On account of the nature inherent to LCD, the brightness may be non-uniform. But, such are not troubles.
        Color of indication 14 colors
        Applicable language English
        No. of Keys 8
        Function Use to select various screens and set various parameters
Alarm function
        No.of settings Up to 4 alarms for each channel are settable
        Type of alarm High/Low limits
        Indication Status (alarm types) is displayed on digital display unit when an alarm occurs. Historical display on alarm summary (Alarm start/cancel time and alarm types)
        Hysteresis Set within the recording range of 0 to 100% Acts on high or low limit alarm, and does not affect the battery alarm nor memory full alarm.
        Relay output Number of points; 20 (option: Up to 2 cards with relay output can be mounted.)
        Transistor output (open collector output) 16 points (option)
        Alarm latch function Holds alarm indication and alarm output even after measurement value has left the alarm range. ON/OFF operation is performed according to key setting.
Power supply
        Rated power voltage 100 to 240V AC
        Range of operating voltage 90 to 264V AC
        Supply frequency 50/60Hz ±2% (both employable)
Operating condition
        Ambient temperature Without Ethernet function: 0 to 50°C *1
With Ethernet function: 0 to 40°C *2
        Ambient humidity 20 to 80%RH
        Vibration 10 to 60Hz 0.2m/s2 or less
        Shock None
        Magnetic field 400 A/m max
        Signal source resistance Thermocouple input …. 1kΩ max. Resistance bulb input …. 10Ω/wire max. (resistance of each wire of 3-wire system should be balanced). Voltage input …. 0.1% max. of input resistance
        Mounting posture Forward tilt 0, backward tilt within 30, horizontal 0
        Warm-up time One hour or more after power ON
*1: In case of the 12th digit of ordering code is ”Y”.
*2: In case of the 12th digit of ordering code is ”E”.


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