Paperless Recorder – Ohkura VM8100A


  • Achievement of high-speed multi-point capture
  • Simple control using a touch panel
  • Equipped with large-capacity built-in memory
  • CF cards are employed as external recording media
  • Compatibility with existing RM10G recorder
  • Integrated structure of internal units
  • Diverse displays only possible with a paperless device
  • Equipped with calculation functions
  • Standard inclusion of PC support software
  • Compatible with 2 types of external configurations and panel cutouts
  • Equipped as standard with communication functions using Ethernet
  • Communication functions (option)
  • Earthquake-resistant structure (option)
  • Handwritten comment function (V1.20 and later)

The VM8100A is a paperless recorder that employs a 5.7-inch TFT liquid crystal display. It uses Compact-Flash (referred to as “CF cards” hereafter) for its recording media, and is also equipped with network functions as standard. Its input types can include thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, and DC voltage (current), which can be set as desired in up to 12 channels. Aside from input, calculation processes can be performed in up to 48 channels. Data currently being recorded and data stored on CF cards can be viewed on the display. They can also be viewed on a PC using the included viewer software.


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