Paperless Recorder – Ohkura VM8800A


  • Achievement of high-speed multi-point capture
  • Simple control using a touch panel
  • Equipped with large-capacity built-in memory
  • CF cards are employed as external recording media
  • Compatibility with existing RM18G recorder
  • Integrated structure of internal units
  • Diverse displays only possible with a paperless device
  • Equipped with calculation functions
  • Standard inclusion of PC support software
  • Compatible with 2 types of external configurations and panel cutouts
  • Equipped as standard with communication functions using Ethernet
  • Communication functions (option)
  • Earthquake-resistant structure (option)
  • Handwritten comment function (V1.20 and later)

The VM8800A is a paperless recorder that employs a 10.4-inch TFT liquid crystal display. It uses Compact-Flash (referred to as “CF cards” hereafter) for its recording media, and is also equipped with network functions as standard. Its input types can include thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, and DC voltage (current), which can be set as desired in up to 12 channels. Aside from input, calculation processes can be performed in up to 48 channels. Data currently being recorded and data stored on CF cards can be viewed on the display. They can also be viewed on a PC using the included viewer software.


Number of inputs Select one of the following according to the model type (when purchasing the product):
6-ch terminal block type: 6, 12, 18, 24, or 30 inputs
12-ch terminal block type: 12, 24, 36, or 48 inputs
Input circuit Inter-channel isolation
Measurement accuracy See the “Accuracy ratings” table in Section 2
Measuring cycle 100 milliseconds at every point
Input type DC voltage, DC current (shunt resistor required*), Thermocouple, RTD, or Other channel
* An internal-shunt model is also available.
Burnout protection Provided as a standard feature for thermocouple
and mV inputs. Select UP, DOWN, or None.
Reference junction compensation Select None, Internal, DE connection, or DH
Reference junction compensation accuracy R, S, PR40-20, Au-Fe: ± 1 °C or lower
(Internal compensation)
K, E, J, T, G, C, N, PLII, U, L: ±0.5°C or lower
CMRR 140 dB or more (at 50/60 ±0.5 Hz)
NMRR 60 dB or more (at 50/60 ±0.5 Hz)
Input resistance mV or TC (without burnout protection): 9 MΩ or higher
mV or TC (with burnout protection): 1 MΩ or higher
V: 500 kΩ or higher
mA: 100 Ω
(External or internal shunt resistor provided)
Allowable signal source resistance mV or TC (without burnout protection) : 10 KΩ or less
mV or TC (with burnout protection) : 0.14μV/Ω or less
V: 500 Ω or less
RTD: 5 Ω or less (per wire)
Decimal point position Can be freely specified in the range from 0 to 4.
Note however that the measurement value
upper and lower limits are ±32000 as digital
Unit of measurement Any unit can be created for display (up to 8
characters can be used for each unit).
TAG name Up to 8 one-byte characters can be registered
Channel exposition Up to 52 one-byte characters can be registered
Chanel skip Channel skip can be enabled or disabled for
each channel. If skip is enabled for a channel,
the channel will be ineligible for display and
Input filtering function Can be enabled or disabled for each channel
(first order lag filter) The time constant can be
specified in the range from 0 to 99 seconds.
Moving average function Can be enabled or disabled for each channel.
The number of samples for averaging can be
specified in the range from 1 to 64.
Scaling function Available for DC voltage (current) input.
Scalable range: ±32000
Square root extraction function Scaling is based on the result of applying square root extraction to input values.
Scalable range: ±32000
Cut level: Always 1%. Linear scaling is assumed for the input range from 0 to 1%.
Multiple adjustment Piecewise linear approximation can be applied
to up to four points within the linear scaling


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