Pneumatically and Hydraulically Pressure Generation – Tecsis C1360 / C1361 / C1363


  • Precise adjustment of the pressure by varying the volume of the distribution block
  • Easy adjustment with two cylinders – low pressure side  and high pressure side
  • Compact design – suitable for mobile applications
  • Accessories: Pressure Sensors or gauges, quick coupling and adaptors

Manual pressure pumps are portable pressure generators which are used for measuring, testing and calibration purposes. Due to their compact dimensions and the simple handling they are suitable for mobile applications. When used with a DKD calibrated pressure transducer the system can be used for monitoring and testing pressure sensors, transducers or gauges according to DIN ISO 9000. Pressure up to 6000 bar is generated with a hand operated spindle. The spindle runs inside the cylinder which leads to a better handling in service applications.


  • On site monitoring of pressure measuring instruments
  • Calibration
  • Workshop and Labrador


Pump for pressure ranges from 0 … 250 bar have one cylinder for the pressure generation.
Pump with pressure ranges from 0…1000 up to 0…6000 bar: generate the pressure with two cylinders,
i) one for the lower pressure (0…250 up to 0…400 bar) and
ii) one for the high pressure ranges (250 .. 1000 bar up to 400 .. 6000 bar).
Measuring ranges 0 …   250 bar
0 … 1000 bar
0 … 3000 bar
0 … 5000 bar
0 … 6000 bar


Tecsis C1360/C1361/C1363 – Pneumatically And Hydraulically Pressure Generation-DpstarGroup