Portable Infrared Thermometer Automotive Handheld – Raytek AutoPro ST25 Series


  • Temperature variances can indicate common mechanical and electrical problems.
  • Diagnose problems faster, safer and easier with AutoPro
  • Specially designed for the automotive professional
  • AutoPro features SmartSight – two lasers merge into a single laser point to indicate a half inch (13mm) target, an ideal spot-size for small area measurements often required for auto diagnostics.
  • AutoPro can read temperatures up to 999°F (535°C), and can accurately measure in low light conditions, illuminating the work area with a built-in LED flashlight.
  • AutoPro also features an illustrated, step-by-step user manual with detailed instructions for many common automotive diagnostic procedures, including engine misfires, exhaust and emissions, cooling systems and heating and air conditioning systems.

Portable Infrared Thermometer for Automotive Diagnostics

The Raytek AutoPro handheld pyrometer is developed specifically with the needs of today’s automotive, diesel and transportation technicians in mind. Rugged, fast, and convenient, this professional tool offers many valuable features for automotive technicians. AutoPro features SmartSight-bright dual laser sighting system that merges into a single laser at the correct distance to the measured target.


Temperature Range -32 to 535°C (-25 to 999°F)
Accuracy for target temperatures

(assumes ambient temperature of 23°C (73°F))

–32 to –26°C (-25 to -15°F): ±3ºC (±5ºF)
-26 to -18°C (-15 to 0°F): ±2.5ºC (±4ºF)
-18 to 23°C (0 to 73°F): ±2ºC (±3ºF)
23° to 510ºC (73º to 950ºF): ±1% of reading or ±1ºC (±2ºF),
whichever is greater
Above 510ºC (950ºF): ±1.5% of reading
Repeatability ±0.5% or ≤ ±1ºC (±2ºF),
whichever is greater
Response Time ≤ 0.5 second (95% of reading)
Spectral Response 8-14µm
Emissivity Pre-set at 0.95
Ambient Operating Temperature 0 to 50ºC (32 to 120ºF)
Relative Humidity 10-90%
Storage Temperature -20 to 60ºC (-13 to 158ºF) without battery
Weight/Dimensions 360g (12oz) 205 x 160 x 55mm (8x6x2 in)
Power 9V Alkaline or NiCd Battery
Battery Life (Alkaline) 4 hrs w/laser, flashlight & backlight on
20 hrs w/laser, flashlight & backlight off
Laser (Class II) SmartSight™ dual laser sighting system
Typical Distance to Target 200 mm-600 mm (8 inches to 2 feet)
Distance to Spot (D:S) Optimized for use at 8 inches
Approximately 16:1 at focus point
MAX Temp. Display
Display Hold (7 seconds)
LCD Backlit
Temperature Display ºC or ºF selectable
Display Resolution 0.2ºC (0.5ºF)
Hard Case
Tripod Mounting
Removable base magnet
Work area illumination Bright white LED (7100 millicandle)
Illustrated Manual
Warranty 1 year
Additional Options / Accessories Nylon Holster
NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
(includes 1 year warranty)


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