Pressure Balance – Tecsis C1350 / C1351


  • Pressure compensators or pressure balances in pneumatically  or hydraulically design
  • A basement can be fitted with individual measuring systems
  • Patented concept for fast and safe replacement of the measuring systems
  • Total uncertainty of measurement up to 0.01 % (of measured value)
  • Adaptation to specific customer requirements and documentation in the calibration certificate
  • High long-term stability with a recommended recalibration cycle of  5 years

Pressure compensators or pressure balances are used for many years as a proven primary standard. Pressure balances are the most accurate instruments for the calibration of electronic or mechanical pressure measuring instruments. The direct measurement of pressure, according to its definition as a quotient of force and area, and the use of high-quality materials result in small uncertainties of measurement and an excellent long-term stability of five years. For these reasons pressure balances have already been used in calibration laboratories of industry, national institutes and research labs for many years. Due to the integrated pressure generation and the purely mechanical measuring principle the pressure balance is ideally suited for on-site use as well as service and maintenance purposes.

Patented ConTect measuring system
The new patented concept for a customised pressure balance assembly enables you to set up a compact complete system at a favourable price, consisting of a universal basement and the measuring systems. The high-quality sensitive piston cylinder systems are well protected in the ConTect housing. Fast and uncomplicated changes of the measuring range are possible without having to use any tools.

Measuring ranges

  • scale in a range of up to 100 bar pneumatically or 5000 bar hydraulically


  • Reference instrument for testing, adjusting and calibrating pressure measuring instruments in factory and calibration laboratories
  • Self-sustaining complete system also suitable for
    on-site measurements / calibrations


Tecsis C1350/C1351 – Pressure Balance-DpstarGroup