Probe – Rotronic RMS T30-0006 Series



  • PT100 1/3 DIN B
  • No influence from the lead
  • High measurement accuracy

The T30 temperature sensors are resistance thermometers (Pt100 = positive measurement resistance), meaning that the resistance increases with increasing temperature. The sensors are compatible with the RMSLOG- T30-L, RMS-LOG-T30-868 and RMS-LOG-T30-915 data loggers.

The data logger temperature range is limited to -40…70°C. The RMS temperature portfolio covers a wide range of applications, from the coldest such as liquid nitrogen tanks and cryogenic freezers, refrigerators and cold rooms to hotter ones such as water baths, incubators, ovens and autoclaves.


  • Dry ice
  • Freezers
  • Water baths


Cable application range -50…+200 °C
Cable diameter 6
Cable material Silicone
Probe application range -50…+200 °C
Probe diameter 6
Probe length 50 mm
Probe head material VA4 1.4571
Sensor measurement range -200…+600 °C
Sensor type PT100 1/3 DIN Class B
Connection 4-wire
Cable lengths 4 metres
Ip protection class IP65



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