PT100 Temperature Sensor – Rotronic AC1903 Series


  • Class A sensors with a 4-wire connection>
  • Connection: 4-pin Binder connector plug series 711
  • 90: Response time to reach 90 % of actual temperature change (air/water) with an
    air flow velocity of 2 m/s.

A PT100 sensor changes its electrical resistances with temperature. Its resistance value is 100 ohms at 0 °C. This characteristic is used in a bridge circuit to generate a signal for further processing.

  • Cable probe 200 x 6 mm, not waterproof

The table illustrates the tolerance for each PT100 sensor class at different temperatures.


Probe type Pt-100
Measuring range -70…500 °C, τ90: 170 / 15 s
Probe cable material Thermoplastic, Max. 110 °C, Min. -50 °C
Probe material DIN 1.4404
Dimensions 200 x 6 mm



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