PVC Insulated Rip Cord Wire – TEW&C P


  • Continuous use up to 221F (105C)
  • Flame Retardant
  • Small Compact Size
  • Individual Insulation Color Coded
  • Economic Construction
  • Flexible
  • Rip Design for Easy Conductor Separation

105C rated flame retardant PVC insulation provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Rip Cord product is unique in design and do not have an overall jacket. PVC a flame retardant and flexible polyvinyl chloride insulation is extruded over single conductors which are laid parallel and bonded together in a secondary process. The end product is a small compact size with easy conductor separation.


  •  Temperature Sensors
  • Testing
  • Laboratories
  • Transportation
  • Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Appliances
  • Validation

Available Options

  • Tighter than Special Limits Accuracy Tolerances
  • Special Color Codes
  • Calibration Test Reports


Conductors Solid or stranded thermocouple wire per ASTM E230 & ANSI MC96.1
Insulation Braided ceramic fiber
Construction Parallel conductors
Jacket Braided ceramic fiber
Operating Temperature +2200F (+1204C) continuous +2400F (+1316C) single exposure
Limits of Error Conforms to ASTM E230, IEC 584 and ANSI MC 96.1
Color Code Supplied white without saturants or colored tracers


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