Quartz Halogen Short Infrared Tube Heaters – Ceramicx QHS


  • Available Wattage: 750W / 240V
  • Size: 10 x 224mm

QHS are filled with halogen gas to allow the supported tungsten filament to reach temperatures as high as 2600°C (4712°F). With peak wavelength emissions of approximately 1 micron, they are extremely penetrative and allow rapid on/off cycles.

Standard Products: R7s termination and 10 mm diameter glass.

Please note: other configurations available on request.


Wattage Voltage Max. Coil Temp. Overall length Heated Length
750W 240V 2410°C (4370°F) 224mm 170mm


Ceramicx QHS Quartz Halogen Infrared Tube Heaters-DpstarGroup


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