Refrigeration Controller For HT/LT – Lae Electronic AT2-5 Series


  • Selectable Refrigerating or Heating control
  • Runs on mains power supply
  • Direct compressor control through high power 16(5)A
  • Auxiliary output configurable in six different operating modes
  • Selectable NTC10K or PTC input
  • Electrical, off cycle or hot gas defrost
  • Temperature, door open alarms
  • Optional light control button
  • Connectivity to LAE supervisory systems
  • UL approved

Today millions of professional and commercial refrigerators, blast chillers and freezers, dough-retarder provers, ovens, air conditioners, compressed air dryers are controlled by high-performance regulators. Dpstar is a leading supplier of customized controllers based on the technical specifications and design of the system to be controlled. For over thirty years, we have supported innovative changes requested by some of the most reputable world manufacturers. Our Customers recognize the competency and the unique know-how with which we approach the project phases, creating synergies for the development of original and unique proposals. The solutions we help provide are the key to the complete success of their system. Dpstar provides innovative technology & long-lasting performance products for your special applications.


High or Low Temperature upright cabinets and counters, cold stores, plug-in display cases, control panels, heated cabinets.


Control Range -50÷120°C
Resolution 0.1 / 1 °C; °F
Accuracy NTC10K: <±0.3°C (-40.0÷70.0°C)
PTC1000: <±0.5°C (-50÷120°C)
Sensor type Selectable NTC10K standard mod. SN4B20P1/P2 or PTC1000
Power supply 230V~ ±10% 50÷60Hz 3W
Front protection IP55
Panel cut-out 71 x 29 mm (WxH)
Ambient temperature -10÷50°C


Lae Electronic AT2-5 Series Refrigeration Controller For HT/LT_DpstarGroup


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