Relative Pressure Transmitter For Mobile Hydraulic – Huba 512 Series


  • Rugged PUR cable with IP 69K
  • Welded without sealing parts, no elastomer seals
  • Negligible temperature influence on accuracy
  • Excellent EMC capacity

The pressure transmitter type 512 with cable connection meets the highest demands of industrial and mobil hydraulic applications. This sensor is available with protection standard IP 69K. The standard pressure orifice prevents damage due to pressure peaks. The compact and rugged design meets the requirement of shock- and vibration stability according Kfz-norm ISO 16750.  The pressure transmitter type 512 guarantees highest EMC stability according to various Kfz regulations with test level up to 100V/m. The measuring cell is based upon the Huba Control developed thick film technology on stainless steel and is fully hermetically welded.


Medium Liquids and gases
Pressure range 0 … 40 – 1000 bar
Output ratiom. 10 … 90%, 0 … 5 V, 1 … 6 V,
0 … 10 V, 4 … 20 mA
Accuracy < 0.5% FS
Electrical connection Cable PUR 1.5 m
Pressure connection Outside thread


Huba Control 512 pressure sensor transmitter0 … 40 – 1000 bar-DpstarGroup