Rod Thermostats – Sunvic VKL 2000 Series


  • 16A rating – suits most domestic applications
  • Simple 2-wire connection – easy to install
  • Manual reset options – resets only by a positive action
  • 3-standards lengths – suits most domestic cylinders

The VKL 2000 series of rod thermostats have been designed with a small head making it suitable for all purposes including dual heater applications.


Model Nomimal Stem Length Range (°C)
VKL 2201 7”/178mm 40 ~ 80°C
VKL 2301 11”/280mm 50 ~ 80°C
VKL 2251 7”/178mm 45 ~ 85°C (Manual Reset)
VKL 2351 11”/280mm 35 ~ 85°C (Manual Reset)


Sunvic VKL 2000 Series Rod Thermostats-DpstarGroup


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