Vetrix SM Series – Sanitary Magnetic Flow Meter


  • Designed for measurement of food liquid like milk, cream, juice of various fruits, pharma liquids etc.
  • It is available with compact or remote version of transmitter
  • Can be installed either horizontally or vertically with a variety of optional end-fittings to meet your requirements.

Vetrix SM Series – Sanitary Magnetic Flow Meter is specifically crafted for accurately measuring food liquids such as milk, cream, fruit juices, and pharmaceutical liquids. It comes with the option of a compact or remote transmitter version and can be installed horizontally or vertically, offering a range of optional end-fittings to suit your specific needs.

Ordering Information

Model Stuffix Code Description
SM- 1 2 3 4 5 -6 7 8 9 11 Sanitary Magnetic Flowmeter
Diameter XXXX Stand for diameter
Structure S Compact type with local display
L Remote Type: 10 meters cable default
Electrode Material M SS316L
T Titanium
D Tantalum
H Hastelloy Alloy C
P Platinum-Iridium
Signal Output 0 No Output
1 4-20mA / Pulse
Liner Material F PTFE
Power Supply 0 110-240V AC
-1 24V DC
-2 Battary Power Supply
Communication 0 No Communication
1 Modbus RS485
4 Profibus-DP
Sensor Grounding 0 No Grounding
1 Grounding Ring
2 Grounding Electrode
Connection TRC Tri-clamp for sanitary connection
Body Material S4 Stainless Steel 304


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