Setra 239 High Accuracy Low Differential Pressure Transducer


  • Industry-standard for high accuracy
  • Captures dynamic pressure changes
  • Small footprint
  • Optional high accuracy: 0.073% FS
  • Fast response time: <10ms
  • Fast warm-up: <0.1% over 5 min.
  • Low thermal error
  • CE & RoHS compliant



Setra’s Model 239 is the “standard” for measuring low differential pressure in the Test & Measurement industry. Decades worth of installations have helped the 239 build a reputation of reliability and remains the trusted choice for critical installations. The 239 delivers an optional high-performance 0.073% FS accuracy over a wide temperature range which outperforms competitive transducers in the low-pressure market. The 239 offers multiple options to meet both simple and demanding application requirements that are not provided on competitive transducers.


Key Benefits

  • Long-term Reliability
    The Model 239 differential pressure transducer uses a simple and reliable variable capacitance sensor design. The 239 provides repeatable and dependable readings in rugged applications through its efficient sensor design.
  • Accuracy & Performance For Low-Pressure Ranges
    The Model 239 is a Test & Measurement grade transducer for extremely low-pressure ranges. The 239 covers a large selection of pressure ranges with a ±0.073% FS accuracy option over a wide temperature range. The Model 239 provides the fastest response time compared to its competitors.
  • customization is Standard
    Unlike many competitors, the 239 offers many mechanical and electrical options that can be integrated into existing system designs. These options reduce engineering design time, allowing for earlier project completion and quicker time to market.


  • Exhaust pressure
  • Leak detection systems
  • Filter pressure
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Part integrity testing
  • Cleanrooms

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Performance Data
Accuracy RSS1 (at constant temp) ±0.14% FS
Non-linearity (BFSL) ±0.10% FS
Hysteresis 0.10% FS
Non-repeatability 0.02% FS
Warm-up shift <±0.1% FS residual shift after 5 minutes
Setting time <100ms
Acceleration response <0.0002 PSIG
Natural frequency 2000 Hz nominal
Operable line pressure Vacuum to max 250 PSIG
Line pressure effect 2%/100 PSI
Thermal effects2
Compensated range °F(°C) +30 to +150 (-1 to -65)
Zero/ span shift %FS/100°F (%FS/50°C) <+1 (<±0.9)/<+1(<±0.9)
Physical Description
Pressure fittings 1/8” -27NPT internal
Electrical connection 2’ multiconductor cable
Weight (approx) 8 oz
Vibration 2g from 5 Hz to 500 Hz
Internal volumes Positive port 0.03 in3 negative port 0.1 in3
Max volume change at FS 0.001 in3
Acceleration 10g max
Shock 50g operating
Electrical Data (voltage)
Circuit 4-wire (+Exc, -Exc, +Out, -Opt)
Excitation4 22 to 30 VDC (reverse excitation protected)
Output impedance <10 ohms
Output noise <200 microvolts RMS (in band, OHz to 10kHz)
Output5 See ordering information (for unidirectional ranges) ±2.5 VDC (for bidirectional ranges)
Pressure Media
Positive pressure media: Gases compatible with stainless steel, hard anodized 6061
aluminum (Buna-N O-ring)
Reference pressure media: Clean dry air or other gases (non-corrosive, noncondensible)
1 RSS of Non-Linearity, Hysteresis, and Non-Repeatability.
2 Units calibrated at nominal 70oF. Max thermal error computer from this datum. x 2 for 0.5 and ±0.25 in W.C. changes.
3 Calibrated at factory with a 24 VDC loop supply voltage and a 250 ohm load.
4 Internal regulation minimizes effect of excitation variation, with <±0.005% FS output change. Will operate on 28VDC aircraft power per MIL-STD-704A & not be damaged by emergency power conditions.
5 Calibrated into 50K oh load. Operable into 5000 ohms or greater. Zero output factory set to within ±20mV. ±0.4%FS (±20mV on 5VDC span)


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