Setra 280G Gauge, Compound & Absolute Pressure Transducer


  • ±0.073% FS Accuracy
  • High-Level Output: 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA
  • Solid Stability For Confident Installations
  • Exceptional EMI/RFI Performance Prevents False Shutdown
  • User Accessible Zero and Span Adjustments
  • CE & RoHS compliant




Setra’s model 280 is a high accuracy transducer for measuring gauge, absolute and compound pressure offering superior performance at an affordable price. Its highly-engineered range-specific capacitance sensor enables accuracies up to ±0.073% FS giving the 280 superior linearity to competitive sensors. The 280’s design offers customers a low-cost solution for measuring absolute pressure in Test and Measurement applications. The slim design and simple electrical interface allow users to install the unit in many difficult applications. The Model 280 has standard pressure ranges from 25 PSI to 10,000 PSI.


Key Benefits

  • High Accuracy For Demanding Applications
    The Model 280 pressure transducer’s variable capacitance design uses an all stainless steel sensor cap designed for a specific pressure range. The sensor is linearized and thermally compensated during manufacturing to optimize the sensor’s linearity for maximum accuracy in demanding applications.
  • Low-Cost Absolute Sensor
    The Model 280 is Setra’s highest price to performance sensor for measuring absolute pressure. The simple configurable design enables the transducer to be configured for an absolute reference by adding a hermetically-sealed evacuated enclosure to the existing sensor design, allowing for an affordable price without sacrificing quality.
  • Improved Serviceability
    The transducer’s pressure and electrical fittings cover many installation configurations, allowing it to fit into most applications. The Model 280G is equipped with zero and span potentiometers, allowing the user to maintain the high performance over the life of the sensor.


  • High Pressure
  • General Purpose
  • Test Stands
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Dpstar is an authorized distributor of Setra Systems. We provide our customers with the best selection of instrumentation and equipment with unrivaled prices to perform in Pressure Sensing Solutions. Setra’s pressure sensors are known for their quality and reliability. Designed with premium capacitive sensing technology, Setra offers single-range and multi-range (field selectable) pressure sensors. Capable of measuring both liquid and gasses, Setra has the product to meet a breadth of HVAC applications and can be trusted in your most critical applications. Trust Setra’s over 50 years of pressure transducer engineering excellence.






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