Setra 540/542 High Performance Pressure Transducer


  • Superior stability avoid downtime
  • ±0.1% FS High Accuracy
  • Choice of submersible, high temperature, and weatherproof enclosures
  • IP40, IP65, IP66, and IP68 Rated
  • 25-year MBTF Rating
  • Wide compensated temperature range: -65oF up to + 250oF
  • Meets CE conformance standards





Setra’s model 540/542 Series pressure transducers are designed for harsh applications that require long-term service and high performance. Utilizing thin film technology, the Models 540/542 offer choice of 0.1% full scale or 0.08% full-scale accuracy, millivolt output, a wide compensated temperature range from -65o F up to +250o F, and gauge, sealed gauge, and absolute pressure measurement for pressure ranges 15 psi up to 10,000
psi (1 bar up to 690 bar). Differential pressure measurement is available in ranges from 15 psid up to 300 psid. All wetted parts are constructed of 17-4 PH SS or Inconel for ranges 15 psi up to 6000 psi (1 bar and 400 bar). (Pressure transducers ordered in 600 or 690 bar and 10,000 psi ranges are only available with Inconel wetted parts.) Specify Model 540 when ordering a pressure transducer with stainless steel wetter parts, and Model 542 with Inconel.

Model 540/542 are offered with choice of 10-6-Pin Bayonet Connector, Weatherproof Cable, and Molded Submersible Cable (submersible up to 656ft.) for electrical termination. Depending upon the electrical connection selected, when coupled with the Model 540/542 enclosure, which is fabricated in 321 SS, this unit is rated for IP40, IP65, IP66, or IP68 operation. Requiring virtually no maintenance, the stability of this unit assures the user of high reliability, with less than 0.06% drift per year.



  • Off-Highway
  • Natural Gas Equipment
  • Test & Measurement
  • Aerospace
  • Power Plants
  • Heating, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning

Dpstar is an authorized distributor of Setra Systems. We provide our customers with the best selection of instrumentation and equipment with unrivaled prices to perform in Pressure Sensing Solutions. Setra’s pressure sensors are known for their quality and reliability. Designed with premium capacitive sensing technology, Setra offers single-range and multi-range (field selectable) pressure sensors. Capable of measuring both liquid and gasses, Setra has the product to meet a breadth of HVAC applications and can be trusted in your most critical applications. Trust Setra’s over 50 years of pressure transducer engineering excellence.





Performance Data
Accuracy RSS1 (at constant temp) ±0.1% FS
±0.08% FS
Thermal Effect2
Compensated Range F° (C°) -5 to +180 (-20 to +80)
Accuracy ±0.1% FS
Zero/Span Shift %FS/100°F (100°C)
Zero/Span Shift %FS/100°F (100°C)
0.6 (1.2)
0.3 (0.6)
Accuracy ±0.08% FS3
Zero/Span Shift %FS/100°F (100°C)
Zero/Span Shift %FS/100°F (100°C)
0.3 (0.6)
0.15 (0.3)
Long-Term Stability 0.06% FS/1 year
Common Line Pressure Max. 60 Bar Absolute (850 psi) Differential Units Only
Proof Pressure 2 x FS (1.5 x FS for Inconel Parts)
Burst Pressure >35 x FS<=150 PSI (10 BAR)
>15 x FS<=1500 PSI (100 BAR)
>8 x FS<=10,000 PSI (690 BAR)
Pressure Media
Liquids or gases compatible with 17-4 PH Stainless Steelor Inconel. Differential Units:
Dry non-corrosive gas on reference port
Environmental Data
Operating4 and Storage Temperature oFoC
for 10-6 Bayonet -65 to -275 (-54 to +135)
for Cable Unit -65 to +250 (-54 to +120)
for Submersible Unit -4 to +122 (-20 to +50)
Vibration 35g Peak Sinusoidal, 5 to 2000 Hz
Shock Withstands Free Fall to IEC 68-2-32 Proc 1
Physical Description
Case 321 Stainless Steel (Hastelloy for Model 542 when Seawater Option is Selected)
Ratings IP40 w/ 10-6 Bayonet and Gauge Unit
IP65 w/ 10-6 Bayonet and Absolute Unit
IP66 w/ Weatherproof Cable
IP68 w/ Molded Submersible Cable
Wetted Parts 17-4 PH (17-4 PH and 15-7 Mo SS for <=1.6 Bar [30 Psi] Range.) Inconel (Order Model 542)
Electrical Connection 10-6 Bayonet Connector Weatherproof Cable (IP68)
Pressure Fitting See Ordering Information Below
Weight 5.30z (150g)
Electrical Data (Millivolts)
Circuit 4-Wire (+Exc, -Out, +Out, -Exc)
Excitation 10 VDC Regulated (15 VDC Max.)
Bar Ranges
2.5 Bar (30 PSI), Model 542
30 mV ±1% Span (Certificate Supplied)
25 mV ±1% Span
PSI Ranges 25 to 33 mV Span
Bridge Resistance 2200 to 5250 Ohms
Part No. Description
GA2 6 Pin Bendix -94oF to 383oF (-70oC to 195oC)
GA8 6 Pin Bendix -65oF to 257oF (-54oC to 125oC)
GA11 6 Pin Bendix to 257oF (125oC)
GA16 4 Pin Bendix (PSI Units Only)
GA17 Mounting Clamp (Polypropolene)
GA20 Mounting Clamp (Polymide, 25 mm)
GA29 G 1/4 Bonded Seal Washer to 212oF (100oC)
GA30 G 1/4 Bonded Seal Washer to 392oF (200oC)
GA31 G 1/8 Bonded Seal Washer to 392oF (200oC)
1 RSS of Non-Linearity, Non-Repeatability, and Hysteresis.
2 Units calibrated at nominal 70oF. Maximum thermal error computed form this datum.
3 Differential Units are only available in ±0.08 FS accuracy. Order code U or 2 (see order
the chart below).
4 Operating/Storage temperature limits of the connector only.
5 Zero output is factory set to 0 mV ±1 mV for 0.1% Accuracy
Zero output is factory set to 0 mV ±0.6 mV for 0.08% Accuracy



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