Siemens BW500 & BW500/L Integrator Milltronics


  • Automatic zero and electronic span calibration
  • Alarms for rate, load, speed, or diagnostic error
  • On-board Modbus and optional: PROFIBUS DP, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and DeviceNet
  • Comprehensive weighfeeder control functions
  • PID control and on-line calibration with optional analog I/O card
  • Differential speed detection with second speed sensor
  • Moisture meter input with optional analog I/O card for calculation of dry weight
  • Inclinometer input with optional analog I/O card to compensate for conveyor slope
  • Suitable for belt scale custody approval
  • Measurement Canada, OIML, MID, PAC Russia, and NTEP approved

Siemens BW500 Integrator Milltronics is a comprehensive integrator compatible with both belt scales and weighfeeders, offering a wide range of features.
BW500/L Integrator Milltronics is a simpler integrator specifically designed for basic belt scale or weighbelt applications.


Measuring principle Belt scale integrator
Belt scale integrator – Compatible with Milltronics belt scales or equivalent 1, 2, 41), or 61) load cell scales
– Compatible with LVDT equipped scales, with use of optional interface board (remotely mounted)
Relay output 5 alarm/control relays, 1 SPST Form A relay contact per relay, rated 5 A at 250 V AC, non-inductive or 30 V DC
Accuracy 0.1 % of full scale
Material (enclosure) Polycarbonate
Displays Illuminated 5 x 7 dot matrix liquid crystal display with 2 lines of 40 characters each
Inputs 2 programmable 0/4 … 20 mA for PID control and on-line calibration, optically isolated, 0.1 % of 20 mA resolution, 200 Ω input impedance
Outputs 2 programmable 0/4 … 20 mA for PID control, rate, load, and speed output, optically isolated, 0.1 % of 20 mA resolution, 750 Ω load max



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