Siemens POINTEK CLS300 Capacitance Level Switch


  • Selection of options: PROFIBUS communications, digital displays, remote or local testing
  • Display with local button configuration

Siemens POINTEK CLS300 Capacitance Level Switch is designed to excel in harsh and demanding applications characterized by high temperatures and pressures, providing robust and precise level detection and control in extreme industrial environments.


Range 250 mm (9.8 inch) to 25 000 mm (984 inch)
Process Temperature -40 … +400 °C (-40 … +752 °F)
 Process Pressure -1 … +35 bar g (-14.6 … +511 psi g)
Versions Available Rod, Cable, High temperature
Outputs Profibus PA (Digital version), solids state, relay
Options Cable, Rod, High temperature, Profibus, PFA coating
Key Applications Liquids, slurries, foam, solids and Interface in various industries including: oil and gas, Mining, Cement, chemicals, food and general industries including hazardous areas


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