Siemens SITRANS FS230 Transmitter


  • Ideal for measuring tasks that require maximum precision
  • Clamp-on flow system for the measurement of liquids, oil or gas
  • Suitable for new installations as well as retrofitting
  • Designed for use with up to 4 paths
  • Designed for use in Ex areas, safe distance to transmitter of up to 150 m
  • Fast signal processing with 100 Hz update rate
  • High accuracy, repeatability and zero flow detection
  • Downward compatible with all sensors of the SITRANS FUS1011 family
  • Replacement device for SITRANS FUS1010, FUH1010 or FUG1010
  • Designed according to NAMUR requirements and Industry 4.0 with various diagnostic functions

Siemens SITRANS FS230 Transmitter is versatile and can accommodate pipe diameters ranging from DN10 to DN10,000. When dealing with applications in hazardous areas, the external electronics module, SITRANS FS DSL, comes into play.


  • Easy installation; no need to cut pipe or stop flow
  • Minimal maintenance; external sensors do not require periodic cleaning
  • No moving parts to foul or wear
  • No pressure drop or energy loss
  • Wide turn-down ratio
  • Single or dual path with internal DSL, up to four paths with external DSL option


SITRANS FS230 standard functions are suitable for a wide variety of liquid applications, including the following:

  • Water industry (Raw water, Potable water, Chemicals)
  • Wastewater industry (Raw sewage, Effluent, Sludges, Mixed liquor, Chemicals)
  • HVAC industry (Condensers, Hot and cold water systems)
  • Power industry (Nuclear, Fossil, Hydroelectric)
  • Processing industry (Process control, Batching, Rate indication, volumetrics, and mass measurement)

SITRANS FS230 hydrocarbon functions are ideal for applications carrying crude oil, refined petroleum, or liquefied gas.


Enclosure Wallmount enclosure: die-cast aluminum, painted, wall or standpipe mounting options, IP65/NEMA 4X for Ex zone 2 or Class 1 Div 2Industrial enclosure: die-cast aluminum, painted, wall or standpipe mounting options, IP65/NEMA 4X for Ex zone 1/2 or Class 1 Div 1/2

Digital Sensor Link (DSL) – external variant up to 4-path: die-cast aluminum, painted, IP68, for use in Zone 0/1 or Class 1 Div 1/2

Sensors FSS200 Sensors (Clamp-On) In the universal or high precision version (up to max. 120 ° C / 250 ° F) or high temperature (up to 230°C/446°F), for use in Zone 0/1 or Class 1 Div 1/2
Process values (primary) Volume flow
Mass flow
Standard volume flow
Flow velocity
Speed of sound
Liquident detection
Totalizer 1, 2 and 3
Data logger 4GB SD card, expandable to 32 GB Data logging in table format (.csv) for: measurement data, alarms, incidents, firmware updates
Logging interval programmable from 1s – 24 hours
I/O option 3 in/outputs: channel 2, 3 and 4: 4-20 mA active/passive, status output, relay
Inputs channel 5 and 6 on external SITRANS FS DSL: 2 x temperature PT100/500/1000 or 2 x analogue (temperature and pressure)
Display Full-graphic display, 240 x 160 pixel, backlit
Power supply 24 V DC / 90 – 240 VAC
Communication HART or Modbus RTU; compatible with SIMATIC PDM; USB service port
Approvals UL, cUL, CE, ATEX, FM, and more
Measuring accuracy ≥ 0,3%
Flow range Liquids ±12 m/s (±40 ft/s), gas, ±40 m/s and more; bidirectional
Pipe diameters 12,7 mm to 10 m (0.5″ to 394″)


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