Siemens SITRANS FUS SONO 3100/SITRANS FUS060 Flowmeter


  • Designed for harsh environments – the SITRANS FUS SONO is suitable for the separated installation of sensor and transmitter
  • Non-invasive technology – Easy exchange of integrated transducers without the need for downtime or process shutdown

Siemens SITRANS FUS SONO 3100/SITRANS FUS060 flowmeter is comprised of a SITRANS FUS SONO 3100 sensor equipped with either O-ring or flange transducers, which are chosen based on the specific application requirements. The SITRANS FUS060 transmitter is meticulously engineered to excel in high-performance scenarios and is designed to be installed remotely, whether in hazardous or non-hazardous environments. Apart from providing standard output options, it also includes communication capabilities.


Measuring range Qn 28 to 4200 m³/h (depending on size)
Nominal size DN 100 to DN 500 (4″ to 20″)
Accuracy ±0.5% of flow rate
Output module HART, Profibus PA)
Operational pressure max. 40 bar (Max. 580 psi)
Operating temperature -20 … 85 °C (-4 … 185 °F)
Medium temperature -20 … 200 °C (-4 … 392 °F)
Design 2 path (with or without flanges), 4 path on request
Carbon steel (Stainless steel on request)
Approval ATEX


Siemens SITRANS FUS SONO 3100-SITRANS FUS060 Flowmeter_DpstarGroup