Siemens SITRANS LG Guided Wave Radar Transmitters


  • High accuracy to ± 2 mm
  • Advanced diagnostics available for high degree of safety
  • Simple menu-driven display offers ease of setup
  • Large range of options offers reliability in most continuous level measurement applications
  • Ease of maintenance through module design and field replaceable and adjustable probe options
  • Highly immune to buildup using auto learn function
  • Ability to measure in loss of echo situations with probe end tracking
  • Convenient access using USB and remote displays

Siemens SITRANS LG Guided Wave Radar Transmitters designed for continuous level, interface, and volume measurements of both liquids and solids, remaining unaffected by variations in process conditions, elevated temperatures, pressure, and steam. With a straightforward setup facilitated by local four-button programming and a menu-driven quick-start wizard, these transmitters enable rapid deployment, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.


Range 0.3 to 75 m (1 to 246 ft)
Process Connections Types and Sizes Threaded from ¾”
Flanged from DN 25, ASME from 1″
Hygienic fitting
Process Temperature  -196 to 450 °C (-321 to 842 °F)
Process pressure  -1 to 400 bar (-100 to 40 000 kPa)
Accuracy Starting at ±2 mm (0.08″)
Communications 4 to 20 mA/HART, PROFIBUS, Modbus, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus
Typical Applications Level and interface in liquids, and level in solids applications. Ideal for oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical and general industries


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