Siemens SITRANS LPS200 Rotary Paddle Level Switch


  • Optional hinged vane for low density materials and small process connections
  • Five seal ingress protection
  • Motor switches off during alarm for long service life
  • Friction clutch design prevents impact damage
  • Rotation failure monitoring
  • Ideal for extreme conditions including high temperature and buildup
  • Rotatable enclosure for ease of installation

SSiemens SITRANS LPS200 Rotary Paddle Level Switch rugged, ready, and precise. Incorporates advanced safety features and offers a variety of paddle choices, ensuring both reliability and versatility.


Range 100 mm to 10 m (4 inch to 30 ft)
Process Temperature -25 to 600 °C (-13 to  1112 °F), higher temperatures upon request
 Process Pressure Up to 10 bar g (145 psi g)
Bulk densities Starting at 15 g/l (0.9 lb/ft³) with optional vane
Versions Available Compact, rigid extended, cable extended, angle extended
Options Functional Safety (SIL 2). Device suitable for use in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511Fail-safe configuration

High-temperature model

Extension kit (cable or rigid)

Universal power supply

Key Applications Bulk solids such as grain, feed, cement, plastic granulate, wood chips


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