Siemens SITRANS Temperature Transmitters


  • Universally applicable as a temperature transmitter with galvanic isolation for:
    – Resistance thermometer (2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire connection)
    – Thermocouples
    – Linear resistances, potentiometer and DC voltage sources
  • Local operation of the temperature transmitter via display (single chamber enclosure) or control keys accessible from outside (dual chamber enclosure)
  • Rugged single or dual chamber enclosure made of die-cast aluminum or stainless steel 316L
  •  Electronic compartment isolated (watertight) from terminal compartment in dual chamber enclosure
  • Degree of protection IP66/68 (1.5 m/2 h)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility according to DIN EN 61326
    and NE21
  • Test terminals for direct read-out of the output signal without breaking the current loop

Siemens SITRANS Temperature Transmitters are straight versions up to 1250 °C.

The following temperature transmitters are available for installation in the connection head:

  • SITRANS TH320: can be used everywhere where temperatures need to be measured under particularly adverse conditions and where a user-friendly local display is ideal.
  • SITRANS TH420: featuring two sensor inputs, is suitable for temperature measurements in challenging conditions where continuous monitoring and a user-friendly on-site display are essential.
  • SITRANS TH400: is a compact field bus transmitter designed for installation in form B connection heads. Its comprehensive features allow for precise customization to meet the specific needs of the facility.



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