Siemens SITRANS TH100 Temperature Transmitter


  • Measures temperature with a linear output signal
  • High accuracy across entire ambient temperature range
  • Reduces plant noise
  • Alarm signal for sensor break or short circuit according NAMUR 43
  • Explosion protected executions for US, Canada and Europe
  • Slim design, ideal for upgrade of installed Pt100 probes with a 4 .. 20mA signal
  • Rugged design, fully potted electronic

Siemens SITRANS TH100 Temperature Transmitter offers a cost-effective option for Pt100 measurements, promoting efficient plant operations and dependable readings. The transmitter modem and SIPROM T simplify the setup process, and this configuration tool is available for free download.


Input Pt 100 resistance
Output 4 … 20 mA


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