Siemens SITRANS TS Thermowell Protective Tube


  • Versatile – A wide range of lengths and materials is available
  • Comprehensive – Broad coverage of different applications
  • Customizable – Individualized options are possible to fit specific applications (insertion length, lag length)
  • High quality – High grade materials and optional certificates ensure reliability and stability of the measurements

Siemens SITRANS TS Thermowell Protective Tube, available in a wide range of designs, lengths, and materials, offers a precise match for a diverse set of applications. Standard tube lengths extend up to 1000 mm, while customized lengths can be configured with precise millimeter accuracy. The option to separately deliver the tube and sensor facilitates the division of construction and instrumentation tasks, even in the early engineering phases.


Process Connections Flanges acc. to EN 1092-1 and ASME B16.5
Threads (G/R/M/NPT)
Standardized weld-in connections
Van-Stone connections
Instruments connections  ½ inch NPT, M18x1,5, M20x1,5; G1/2 inch and others
Lengths Up to  1.000 mm
Materials 316L, carbon steel, Hastelloy, Monel, and diverse other coatings possible


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