Siemens SITRANS TS300 Temperature Sensor


  • Hygienic – Sensor design according to EHEDG recommendations
  • Available – Inserts exchangeable
  • Low costs, many advantages – Low cost of ownership for installation, validation and recalibration; no process disturbance

Siemens SITRANS TS300 Temperature Sensor is specifically engineered for use in hygienic settings. The benefits of its clamp-on technology are especially evident when dealing with smaller pipe diameters. This technology eliminates the need for welding and welding validation, ensures minimal disruption to the process, preserves piggability, and allows for effortless disassembly for recalibration, all while maintaining measurement accuracy on par with that of integrated sensors.


Output Direct sensor signal
4…20 mA (TH100/TH200)
HART (TH300)PA (TH400)
FF (TH400)
Max. operation temperature
– In the pipe:
– Clamp-on:
–30…+300 °C

–20…+160 °C

Ingress Protection IP65 (IP54 for some type of connection heads)


Siemens Sitrans TS300 Temperature Sensor_DpstarGroup