Siemens SIWAREX DB Digital Junction Box


  • Additional diagnostics options due to evaluation of individual load cells
  • Integration in SIMATIC by connection to SIWAREX WP electronic weighing syste
  • Seamless communication between control and field levels supports retention of order number and location designation
  • Easy replacement of analog junction boxes:
  • Suitable for use in harsh environments thanks to IP66
  • Simplified service: multimeter no longer required
  • Rapid initial diagnostics with LEDs

Siemens SIWAREX DB Digital Junction Box serves as a digital junction box, enhancing diagnostic and monitoring capabilities when used alongside SIWAREX WP weighing electronics. With its capability for individual channel monitoring, SIWAREX DB allows the precise detection of error conditions like wire breaks and overloads. Connecting SIWAREX DB to a SIWAREX WP electronic weighing system ensures a smooth integration within the SIMATIC environment.


Communication interfaces RS 485 (connection to SIWAREX WP electronic weighing system)
Measuring accuracy See SIWAREX WP electronic weighing system
Measuring frequency 100 / 120 Hz
Load cells Full-bridge strain gauges in 4-wire or 6-wire system
Supply voltage 4.85 V DC


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