Siemens SIWAREX EB Extension Box


Siemens SIWAREX EB Extension Box serves the purpose of extending the connecting cables of load cells. Load cells can be linked in either 4-wire or 6-wire configurations. When connecting cables to the weighing module or JB junction box, it’s essential to use a 6-wire system. For this, it’s recommended to use the 7MH4 702-8AG or …-8AF SIWAREX connection cable. If you extend load cell cables to a JB junction box, remember to replace the M16 x 1.5 cable glands on the box.

Dimensional drawings
SIWAREX EB extension box (7MH4 710-2AA), dimensions in mm (inch)


Cable glands
• Of load cells M16 × 1.5
• Of signal cable M20 × 1.5
Permissible ambient temperature
• During operation -30 … +85 °C (-22 … 185 °F)
• During operation for legal-for-trade weighing machines -10 … +40 °C (14 … 104 °F)
• During transportation and storage -40 … +90 °C (-40 … 194 °F)
Degree of protection acc. to EN 60529 IP66
Vibration resistance of terminals according to DIN VDE 0611 11/77 12 Hz and 50 Hz, amplitude 1 mm


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