Siemens SIWAREX WL290 DB-S CA Load Cell


Siemens SIWAREX WL290 DB-S CA Load Cell is crafted from specialized nickel-plated steel. Exceptionally well-suited for use in large platform and hopper scales, with a specific mounting unit that makes them particularly suitable for the installation of scales in vehicles. What sets the double shear beam load cell apart is that it can be installed without any oscillation or elastomer force-transmitting mechanisms because transverse forces do not lead to the typical oscillating or deflection effects observed in other load cells. These load cells are certified for trade use in compliance with OIML R60 standards and are offered in accuracy class C3.

Dimensional drawings


Possible applications Platform scales
• Hopper scales
• Scales in vehicles
Type of construction Double cutter
Rated load/maximum capacity Emax. • 2.3 t (2.26 tn. l.)
• 4.5 t (4.43 tn. l.)
• 9.1 t (8.96 tn. l.)
• 13.6 t (13.39 tn. l.)
• 18 t (17.81 tn. l.)
• 23 t (22.24 tn. l.)
• 27 t (26.77 tn. l.)
• 34 t (33.46 tn. l.)
• 45 t (44.29 tn. l.)
• 68 t (66.93 tn. l.)
• 91 t (89.56 tn. l.)
• 113 t (111.22 tn. l.)
Input resistance Re 700 ± 7 Ω
Output resistance Ra 700 ± 7 Ω
Degree of protection according to EN 60529;
IEC 60529
Accuracy class according to OIML R60 C3



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