Siemens SIWAREX WT241 Weighing Terminal


  • Complete solution – no configuration in SIMATIC required
  • Fast and easy commissioning due to intuitive operating concept
  • Stainless steel enclosure permits applications in many diverse environments
  • Integrated terminals for up to 4 load cells (1 … 4 mV/V)
  • Flexible connection to different systems through diverse interfaces
    • Four digital inputs (24 V DC)
    • Four digital outputs (24 V DC)
    • One analog output (0/4 … 20 mA)
    • RS 485 interface and Modbus RTU
  • High resolution of load cell signal of up to ± 4 million parts
  • Comprehensive diagnostics functions
  • All diagnostic and error messages, as well as all scale parameters, in plain text
  • Recovery point for simple restoration of all parameters
  • Multiple calibration methods: using test weights, test chain, automatically or via material batch
  • Specification of belt inclination angle
  • 6 separately resettable totalization memories
  • Simulation of speed and belt load for test purposes
  • Parameterizable pulse signal (24 V DC) for external totalizer
  • Correction of material flow rate by means of correction factor

Siemens SIWAREX WT241 Weighing Terminal is a weighing terminal designed specifically for belt scales, featuring Siemens standard components housed within a stainless steel enclosure. This setup provides a reliable, standalone solution, offering a wide range of connection options, and making it an excellent choice for belt scale applications.


Enclosure Stainless steel enclosure (1.4301) with the interfaces:
1 × wall bushing for power supply
4 × wall bushing for load cell connection with EMC screw connection
4 × wall bushing with blanking plugs
Ground connection bolt
Connection board Internal connection board
Connection of up to 4 load cells
Device version of analog output
24 V direct voltage design
Communication interfaces RS 485 (Modbus RTU)
4 digital outputs (24 V DC)
3 digital inputs (24 V DC)
1 analog output (0/4 … 20 mA)
1 speed sensor input (24 V DC, up to 5 kHz)
Internal resolution Up to ± 4 million parts
Commissioning options for the scale Directly via the color touch panel and the preinstalled “Ready-for-use” operating software
Limit  (min./max.) Belt load
Material flow rate
Belt speed



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