Silica Fibre Insulated Heating Tapes – Flexelec RVR


  • Highly flexible.
  • Very high power rating: 350 W/m.
  • High temperature: up to + 900°C
  • Not damp-proof.
  • Voltage 230 V as standard.
  • Power cable: length 400 mm as standard.

Through our deep knowledge and experience, we are able to supply electrical heat tracing systems and solutions to achieve both dynamic heat up and temperature maintenance applications in Oil and Gas, Palm Oil, Food Industry, and others. We understand your requirements and we are specialists in Electrical Heat Tracing solutions and provide reliable systems and solutions. Dpstar is responsible, trustworthy, and accountable you can count on.

Dpstar offers a broad range of flexible solutions for your heat tape needs. Our knowledgeable staff can ensure that you find the right heat tape to meet both your budget as well as any technical requirements for your particular project. Heat tape can be an integral component for many projects; including anything from preventative measures against freezing pipes to laboratory heating sources that require exceptional power ratings. Let the experts at Dpstar put their knowledge to work on your project and reap the rewards of our many years of refinement and development of our products.

RVR silica fibre tapes are mainly for use in laboratories and in industry if a high concentration of power is necessary or if it is required to work at high temperature, as the “silica fibre” enables the heating element to withstand temperatures of up to 900°C. These heating tapes are for use only in dry buildings, provided extra electrical protection precautions are taken. To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.


  • Highly flexible.
  • Very high power rating 350 W/m.
  • High temperature, up to + 900°C
  • Not damp-proof
  • Voltage 230 V as standard.
  • Power cable: Length 400 mm as standard.
  • Special production on request.


  • Taking vacuum to its extremes with heating elements.
  • Bring gas piping, vacuum pumps or baking analysis stands up to 450°C or 900°C, using the properties of glass fibre and silica fibre heating flexes and tapes.


Model RVR
Heating wire Nickel-Copper or Nickel-Chrome
Heating element insulation Fibre glass braid
External insulation Silica fibre
Dimensions 8 x 30 mm
Power 350 W/m
Permissible surface temperature up to + 900°C
Tolerances Power: ± 10 %
Ingress protection code IP40
Insulation Class CLASS 0 (single insulated)
Length (m)  Power (W)
0.5 175
1 350
1.5 525
2 700
2.5 875
3 1050


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