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  • SiC Heater is designed with specially formulated cold ends which significantly reduce the heat loss from the terminals concentrating the heat where needed in the furnace.
  • Reduced heat losses result in lower power consumption saving energy costs also helping to reduce the furnace carbon footprint by lowering the greenhouse gas emission.

SIC heater is a kind of non-metal high temperature electric heating element. It is made of selected high-purity green silicon carbide as raw material which is made into blank and silicon crystal under high temperature of 2400ºC. SiC can usually use in the furnaces which temperature from 600°C -1600°C. It can be directly used in an air atmosphere without any protection atmosphere, the long-term usage of life can reach over 3000 hours.  Furthermore, it has a higher working temperature and chemical stability, easy installation and extensively used in the fields of metallurgy, ceramics, glass, machinery, analysis test, semiconductor, science and so on.

Silicon carbide is a ceramic material with relatively high electrical conductivity when compared to other ceramics. Typical heating elements are rods or tubes, with diameters between 0.5 and 3 inches and lengths from 1 to 10 feet. They have metalized ends for electrical connections, and they often have both connections at one end, with two helical slots that stop short of the other end, thus approximating a twisted hairpin form.


  • Silicon Carbide


Metal Industries

  • Powder metallurgy sintering
  • Solution, molten cast holding, and aging processing of aluminum alloy
  • Gas carburizing hardening of components for automotive, aircrafts, and machinery
  • Carburizing, nitriding, and bright annealing for steel parts
  • Hardening and tempering of various dies
  • Brightness processing of die steel
  • Tempering and soldering of machine components
  • Carbon and sulphur analysis, tempering process for band steel
  • Patenting processing for steel wire

Electronics Industry

  • Firing of ceramic capacitors
  • Sintering of alumina and steatite
  • Firing of piezoelectric elements
  • Firing of I.C. substrate and grazing
  • Firing of ceramic resistors, varistor and thermistors
  • Temporary sintering and calculations of soft and hard ferrite
  • Heat treatment of shadow mask for colour TV, pure iron, permalloy, bright annealing of silicon steel plate, heat treatment of copper soldering, optical fibre, and compact discs

Porcelain Industry

  • Fusion, retention, and gradual cooling of glass
  • Surface treatment of glass
  • Heat treatment of liquid crystal
  • Lens matching
  • Manufacturing of safety glass
  • Manufacturing of ceramics and glass fibre
  • Manufacturing of various fine ceramics
  • Firing of quartz raw materials
  • Firing of porcelain enamel
  • Firing of ceramic ware
  • Firing of grind stone
  • Test for various refractory products

Chemical Industry

  • Firing of fluorescent paint
  • Firing of various pigments
  • Firing of carriers and catalyst
  • Heating of reactive gas
  • Coal carbonization
  • Firing of activated carbon
  • Cleaning furnace and deodorizing furnace


  • Various high temperature test furnaces
  • Ignition of gas and kerosene appliances
  • Ignition of various types of industrial equipment
  • Various high temperature tests
  • Local heating
  • Ash melting surface


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