Silicon Heating Cords – Flexelec C1S – C1S/T – C1S/I


  • UL Recognized cord on request.
  • C1S: silicon elastomer heating cord.
  • C1S/T: silicon elastomer heating cord with tinned copper braid for mechanical protection and earthing.
  • C1S/I: silicon elastomer heating cord with stainless steel braid for mechanical protection and earthing.

Through our deep knowledge and experience, we are able to supply electrical heat tracing systems and solutions to achieve both dynamic heat up and temperature maintenance applications in Oil and Gas, Palm Oil, Food Industry, and others. To maintain a static or a moving product at an even temperature, Dpstar provides a wide range of heating cables. We understand your requirements and we are specialists in Electrical Heat Tracing solutions and provide reliable systems and solutions. Dpstar is responsible, trustworthy, and accountable you can count on.

FLEXCORD heating cords are available with different insulations and options. The mains applications of heating cords are the refrigeration industry, the household electrical, and systems requiring freeze protection or maintenance temperature. As a supplier, Dpstar could offer a large range of heating cords with PVC insulation, heating cords with silicone insulation, and heating cords with fluoropolymer insulation.

C1S, C1S/T, and C1S/I heating cords are mainly used in the household electrical or refrigeration industries, or in machines requiring protection against freezing or temperature maintenance. To ensure that these heating cables elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.


  • C1S: silicon elastomer cords.
  • C1S/T: with tinned copper braid for mechanical protection and earthing.
  • C1S/I: with stainless steel braid for mechanical protection and earthing.
  • Special production on request.


  • Defrosting satellite dishes with heating elements.
  • Improve casting and drying of plastic and composite materials with heating elements.
  • Speed up the drying process of wind generator blades with heating mats.
  • Optimize the humidity level in tickets and banknotes distributors systems with heating cords.
  • Heating resistance for a yogurt maker, refrigerator, towel dryer, and footbath.


Model C1S C1S/T – C1S/I
Support Fibre class Ø 0.7 or Ø 1.1 mm
Heating wire Nickel-Copper or Nickel-Chrome
Diameter 2.4 to 3.5 mm 2.7 to 3.8 mm
Max. ohmic value 5000 Ω/m
Max. power 30 W/m
Max. voltage 600 V
Permissible surface temperature from – 70°C to + 200°C
Tolerances Resistance : ± 10 %
Diameter : + 0.2 / – 0.1 mm
Minimum bending radius 6 x the diameter
Insulation Class CLASS 0 (single insulated)
CLASS III (if low voltage)
CLASS I (earthing)


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