Single Phase Power Regulator – Shimaden PAC15 Series


  • Phase Angle or Zero Voltage Switching
  • Current Capacity: 20~100 Amperes
  • Power Supply: 100~120 / 200~240V AC

PAC15 Series is featured with a small, lightweight and space saving design. Ideal for controlling heating element with constant change in resistance per temperature characteristic. The regulator may be used ignoring any output noise effect under cycle base zero voltage switching control system.


Control Mode Phase angle (PAC15P)
Zero voltage switching (PAC15C)
Possible Loads All resistance loads (PAC15P)
Constant resistance loads (PAC15C)
Power Supply Cycle 50/60Hz. (internally selectable-PAC15P)
50/60Hz. common (PAC15C)
Output Voltage Control Range 0~95% min. 50/60Hz. of inut voltage (PAC15P)
0~95% min. of load power (PAC15C)
Power Lamp Green LED lamp (PAC15P)
Output Indication Green LED lamp (when load ‘ON’-PAC15C)
Current Capacity 20, 30, 45, 60, 80 and 100 Amps.
Power Supply 100~120V/200~240V AC ± 10%
Control Input Current = 4~20mA DC (Receiving impedance: 100 ohms)
Contact = Zero voltage contact
Power Adjuster Current input = Internal installation as standard (External installation as option)
Contact input = External installation as standard
Auto/Manual Power Adjuster Only current input type is available – optional
Thyristor Element Cooling Natural air
Over-Current Protection None available (Use a fuse for semiconductor)
Minimum Load 10% min. of current capacity (no operation at no load)
Operating Ambient
Temperature and Humidity -10~50°C, 90%RH maximum
Insulation Resistance 500V DC 20M ohms between power supply terminals and chassis
500V DC 20M ohms between power supply terminals and input terminals
Dielectric Strength 1 min. at 2000V AC between power supply terminals and chassis

Ordering Information

Series PAC15P Phase Angle Single Phase Power Regulator
PAC15C Cycle Base Zero Voltage Switching Single Phase Power Regulator
Control Input 0 4~20mA DC, Receiving impedance: 100Ω
2 Non-voltage contact
9 Others (Please consult before ordering.)
Current Capacity 020 20A
030 30A
045 45A
060 60A
080 80A
100 100A
Power Supply 81– 100~120V / 200~240V AC ±10%, 50 / 60Hz
99– Others (Please consult before ordering.)
External Power Adjuster N None (Internal installation as standard) Current
P External power adjuster
M Manual power adjuster
B Base power adjuster
W External power adjuster + manual power adjuster
Y External power adjuster + base power adjuster
P High power adjuster (standard) Contact
B High power adjuster (standard) + Low power adjuster
X Others (Please consult before ordering.)
Remarks 0 Without
9 With (Please consult before ordering.)


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