Single Phase Power Regulator – Shimaden PAC18A Series


  • Easy Front Key Setting
  • A 7-segment LED Displays Input and Output Values and Various Parameters.
  • Slow-Up, Slow-Down Function
  • Current Detection/Alarm Output Function (Optional)
  • Data Communication Function (Optional)
  • Universal Power Supply (100–240V AC)
  • Automatic Frequency Discerning Function (50/60Hz)
  • 6 toxic substances, which are subject to RoHS Directive, are contained. However, the amount of toxic substances contained does not exceed standardized values. RoHS:EN50581

The PAC18A series improves the succeeding model PAC18 series of the PAC15 series and is a Thyristor Type Power Regulator of the spread price range in pursuit of a function and performance and safety


Model PAC18A
Control element configuration Thyristor × 2, inverse-parallel connection
Main/control power supply 100–240V AC, 7VA (main power supply and control power supply to be used in the same phase)
Power waveform Sine wave
Voltage fluctuation tolerance range Max. ±10% of rated voltage
Rated frequency 50/60Hz, automatic recognition (operating range: 40–70Hz)
Current capacity Any one of 6 types (20, 30, 45, 60, 80, 100A)
Minimum load current 0.6A
Control output range 0–97% or more (when power supply voltage is 200V/50Hz)
Applicable load Resistive load/inductive load (transformer primary control: Phase control only)
Control system The following control systems can be set:
Px–: Phase control system: Phase angle proportional output (P0–)
Voltage proportional output (P1–)
Current feedback (current detection/alarm output function option) (P2–)
Square of voltage (power) proportional output (P3–)
C1–: Cycle calculation zero voltage switching control system
Cooling Self cooling
Protection 1) Overcurrent protection function (current detection option):
Stops output when detecting approx. 130% of rated current.
2) External rapid fuse (sold separately)
Control input Current: 4–20mA DC (receiving impedance 100Ω) or
Voltage: 1–5V, 0–10V DC (input resistance 200kΩ) (select either one from three types.)
Contact two-position control (ON-OFF control)
Standard functions
Output adjuster function Ramp setting (higher limit: 0.1–100%, lower limit: 0.0–99.9%)
Slow-up time/slow-down time (0.0–99.9 sec.)
Input scaling (lower limit: 0.0–20.0%, higher limit: 80.0–100%)
Manual operation (0.0–100%)
External adjustment function Ramp setting (higher limit/lower limit) and manual operation adjustment are possible by connecting external adjuster (sold separately) (up to 3 external adjusters can be used).
Additional functions (optional)
Output current detection Built-in current transformer [CT]
Current limit function Phase control system is only supported.
Limits load current (initial value: 100% of rated current)
Current limit value can be set within the rated current range of 0–100% by external adjuster
(current limit adjuster), or it can be set within the rated current range of 0–120% by front panel operation.
Overcurrent alarm Overcurrent protection function (stops output at approx. 130% of rated current.)
Hardware error alarm Alarm is output when thyristor elements error is detected
Heater break alarm Alarm is output when heater break is detected.
Heater break judgment: 0–100%
*When using changing resistance heater, judgment accuracy of heater break alarm may decrease.
Alarm output 1 point, 1a contact, 240V AC, 1A, insulate from system.
Select from power failure, overcurrent, hardware error, or heater break.
Alarm contact output in response to occurrence of error: duplicate setting is possible.
Data communication function (optional) Parameter setting function
Writing/reading of various parameters
Parameter setting function Communication protocol: Shimaden protocol
Number of connected units: 1 unit
Connection: Mini jack plug
Communication speed: 9600bps
Number of bits: 7
Parity: EVEN
Stop bit: 1 (fixed)
Writing of each setting parameter, reading of control input value, output value, and alarm
External control input function Manual operation
Standby (output OFF)
HB alarm output disabled
Accessories sold separately
Data communication adapter Type: Data communication adapter S5009 (for PAC series):
Various settings and displaying of various setting values, control input/output value, and trend graph are possible by connecting PC with USB connection.
External adjuster Type: QSV003, B characteristic, 10kΩ, 3 lines
External rapid fuse, fuse holder Protects thyristors and power facilities from load shorting, etc. (please refer to page 14 “Rapid fuse (sold separately)” for applicable type.)
Noise filter PAC18A current capacity Noise filter type
20A NF2020C-SDG
30A NF2030C-SDG
45A NF2050C-SDG
60A NF2060C-SDG
80A NF2080C-SDG
100A NF2100C-SDG
General specifications
Operating ambient temperature range -10–55 °C (current must be reduced when 50°C or higher.)
Operating ambient humidity range 90% RH or lower (no dew condensation)
Storage temperature -20–65 °C
Applicable standard Safety: IEC61010-1
EMC: EN61326
However, the specified noise filter (sold separately) must be used.
RoHS: EN50581
Insulation resistance
Between control power supply terminals and control input terminals 500V DC, 20MΩ or higher
Between main power supply terminals and chassis 500V DC, 20MΩ or higher
Dielectric strength
Between control power supply terminal and control input terminal 2000V AC, 1 minute
Between main power terminal and chassis 2000V AC, 1 minute
Plastic case material Polycarbonate
External dimensions and weight 20A/30A, W48 × D118 × H170 mm, approx. 0.8kg
45A/60A, W68 × D152 × H188 mm, approx. 1.8kg
80A/100A, W113 × D152 × H204 mm, approx. 3.0kg
Terminal cover Attached as standard


Ordering Information

Item Code Specifications Pattern 1 Pattern 2
Series PAC18A Single-Phase Thyristor Power Regulator
Can be
Can be
Control system P0– Phase control/phase angle proportional output
P1– Phase control/voltage proportional output
P3– Phase control/voltage square (electric power) proportional output
C1– Cycle calculation zero voltage switching control
P2– Phase control/current feedback
*Output current detection/alarm output function (optional)
Control input 3 Voltage: 1–5V DC, input resistance: 200kΩ, contact: Common
4 Current: 4–20mA DC, receiving impedance: 100kΩ, contact: Common
6 Voltage: 0–10V DC, input resistance: 200kΩ, contact: Common
Current capacity 020– 20A
030– 30A
045– 45A
060– 60A
080– 80A
100– 100A
Current detection/alarm output function (optional)
*Phase control/current feedback may be selected in some cases.
0 Without
1 With Overcurrent protection, current limit function, alarm output function (power failure/overcurrent/heater break/hardware error) Required
Data communication function (optional) 0 Without
1 *Data communication adapter
(Data communication adapter (sold separately) can be connected.)
Remarks 0 Without
9 With


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