Small Hot Plate – Isotech 983


– Low Cost Portable Hot Plate
– PC Interface and Software
– Stable to ± 0.1°C


The Isotech Small Hotplate is a lightweight portable calibration system purpose designed for surface mounted sensors. The flat surface plate is made from precision-machined aluminum. The sensor to be tested is simply placed on the surface, for higher accuracy a calibrated surface sensor can be placed alongside and the two compared.

Good thermal contact is ensured by the flat disk that is recessed to allow the optional use of a heat transfer paste or fluid. Uniform heat distribution is achieved with a flat spiral heater clamped to an integrating block below the surface of the plate. The typical accuracy that can be achieved 1°C but this will be influenced by the type of sensor to be calibrated.

The internal control sensor is located immediately below the plate’s surface. A protective cover that can fit over the block is included along with a comprehensive handbook. The temperature range is from 35°C to 350°C, which is set by an advanced, but easy to use temperature controller. The controller has 0.01 resolution below 100°C (0.1° above 100°). A PC interface is included as standard along with an RS232 converter lead and Windows software.


Technical Feature Value
Model 983 Small Hot Plate
Temperature Range 35°C to 350°C
Stabilisation Time 10 minutes
Cools from 350°C to 100°C in 125 minutes
Heats from 50°C to 350°C in 20 minutes
Uncertainties Dependant on sensors and method of use 1°C typical
Calibration Volume Flat Plate 71mm diameter
Display Resolution 0.01 to 99.99, 0.1 100 to 350.0 PC can display 0.01 across whole range with the software included
Units °C, °F, K
Power 100 to 115V (50/60Hz) or 200 to 230V (50/60 Hz) 200 Watts
Dimensions Height 115mm Width 230mm Depth 225mm
Weight 3.9kg
How to order 983 Small Hot Plate: Please specify voltage required.


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